We are temprarily meeting at the Pearland Vineyard Church. We are seeking a new permanent location. 


"I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."



Looking for a "church near me" but not sure where to turn? We want to help you find a spirit filled church home! We're kind of like a large home group, and we do church "family style". We keep the kids in service for worship and then send them to Children's Church where they have their own dedicated time together. One River Vineyard Church in Houston, TX is dedicated to helping everyday people grow in Christ and the Holy Spirit, and we feel called to help others in our community the same way Jesus did! We believe in and practice the gifts of the Spirit.


Have children? No problem, we've got you covered. We love children and consider them the most vital part of the church. We purposefully keep the kids with us during worship, becasuse we want them to grow in an environment where they are seeing adults model worship for them, and where they can begin to participate in the life of the church at an early age. Infants and Children (6 weeks to Grade 5) will get signed into Children’s Church after worship. Check out the "staff" section for more info on our Children's Pastor.


Would you like to be involved in a church where the worship music is modern and contemporary? Here at One River Vineyard, we believe in being led by the Holy Spirit. We leave space for Him to move and speak. We consider worship to be part of our liturgy, which means we take it very seriously. We are always looking to add qualified members to our worship team community, so if you are looking for a church in Houston where Jesus is worshipped, and where the Holy Spirit is welcome to have His way, then we are just the place for you!

Spirit Filled Church In Houston


One River Vineyard is a Vineyard church in Houston, TX, but more specifically, we are a Vineyard Church in Meyerland, Texas, but our members live all around the Houston area!

Vineyard Church In Meyerland, TX

If you're looking for a Vineyard Church in Meyerland Texas, then you have arrived ar a spirit filled church that uses Liturgy and invites the Holy Spirit through contemporary, Spirit led worship!

One River Vineyard Church is a contemporary worship church in Houston Texas

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Contemporary Worship

We Love To Worship Jesus!

At One River Vineyard Church, we have a relaxed, contemporary style of worship with electric guitar and/or keyboard. At this time, because we are fairly small, we don't operate a full band on Sunday mornings. We spend around 20 to 30 minutes basking in God's presence, singing songs of contemporary worship, which include a lot of Vineyard Music, as well as other songs by Bethel Music, Elevation Worship, and other popular contemporary worship artists. We make it a point to allow space for the Holy Spirit to move, speak, or whatever He wants to do! Our worship team encourages the congregation to enter into the presence of the Holy Spirit, and we welcome the Holy Spirit into our worship each week. At different times there may be a prophetic word, or a word of knowledge, or some other display of the Kingdom Of God breaking into our midst. Or, sometimes we just enjoy a few moments of silence before the Lord.