In The Loop

In The Loop

Greetings One River Family! We hope this Holy Week finds you well. The COVID task force has been diligently working on options for us to reopen. It is possible to hold service again on June 7th which would be a week from Sunday.  We will of course, keep you apprised of any conclusions reached. As always please let your conscience be your guide in conjunction with the Holy Spirit.

Night of Worship

Karin and Sarma will be hosting a night of worship tonight. Please join us if you are free!

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Meeting ID: 785 894 0087

Services on Sunday

Sunday we will continue completely online service. We now run both Premieres on Facebook and have our own YouTube channel. Services are 10am.

Children’s Church

Aundrea continues with Kids Church at 4:15pm. Keep an eye on posts for the ORV Facebook kids page. Aundrea continues to do a wonderful job posting activities and worship songs throughout the week. She is considering doing a worship song on Wednesdays. Let her know if you like that idea. . She continues to do a wonderful job through this trying time with our Children. Thanks Aundrea!

Additional Zoom Meetings and Prayer

Zoom links are changing as they only renew for 6 weeks at a time. Check in with your leader to get the new links. Sunday will continue to be posted on the What’s App and in the Facebook comments for church.

Sunday Church and Zoom to follow- Start 10:30 am

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Kids Church, Sunday 4:15pm

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Meetings Thursday 1/2 prayer for the city,1/2 prayer for each other. 6:30pm

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Small Groups

Small groups will continue through Zoom, online meeting forums. Please look to your emails for links to those meetings. Please check your email and the ORV website for links.

A Final Word

There has been much going on in the United States this past week. As we reflect on a variety of issues it is important to remember our unity in One Holy God. Like all families we may have disagreements, but it is important to emphasis our universal commitment to Jesus. This week marks the anniversary of Pentecost where Jesus gives us perhaps the greatest gift outside of resurrection. The gift of the Holy Spirit. Let us reflect on the gifts of the Spirit and how we may use them to foster healing in this time of deepfelt pain in many communities around the country.

Prayer For the Church - the Body of Christ

Loving Father, thank You that we are Your children and have become joint heirs with Christ Jesus, simply because we believed on His holy name.

Be with the Church Lord, for we have become united with You and are now all members of Your body. Lord, I pray that the Church of God may become one in unity with Christ and with each other, just as You Lord are in loving fellowship with the Father.

May we hold to the things of this world lightly, knowing that our citizenship is in heaven. Keep us from chasing after the things of this world, but rather may we find our peace and joy and rest in You alone.

Give each member a loving thankful heart and one that lives in willing submission to each other, and to You. Sanctify Your Body I pray and wash each one of us clean with the water of the Word of God day by day, so that we may one day be presented to the Father without spot or wrinkle or any such thing. Help us Lord, to live out our lives in a way that is pleasing to You. In in Jesus' name,